Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm blogging from my couch!

Yes, I finally have a working laptop.  Breaking my ongoing streak of buying laptops from friends, only to discover later that they don't quite work right and require an outlay of cash exceeding the purchase price in order to get them working properly again.  I don't like typing on a laptop, it's awkward and slow, but I'm typing this as I kick back on my couch watching tv, so you gotta take the bad with the good (winky face).

Another thing is that it's a Macbook, which makes it my first Apple product.  I'm getting used to the subtle differences between the Mac and my PC, but I can already see why people go nuts over these things.  There are some pretty cool little features on this bad boy, that's for sure.  Now I just have to transfer over the crapload of useless and not-so-useless junk on my PC and I'll have everything I need right in this little trendy bastard.  I think I need to pick up an external mouse and keyboard too.  I like the trackpad, it's awesome and fun to play with, but I'm just hard-wired for using a mouse, it's gonna take a lot to break me of that.

So, now that I'm a mobile, wireless blogger, I suppose I need to start blogging on-the-go and using my mobility in creative ways.  For now, though, I will probably utilize that technology to blog from the living room while I watch zombie movies and get caught up on all the shows I dvr'd the night before.  It's pretty cool being able to watch MSNBC as I blog, it's like getting a direct infusion of liberal indoctrination that I can just regurgitate directly onto the keyboard and pretend I came up with something witty and original - because we all know that's how I write all of my political posts. (winky face)

The next thing I want to start doing though, with the help of my new technology, is making my own podcasts.  This is an endeavor I've been wanting to take on for a while now and the Macbook has built-in software to allow me to create my own podcasts, so as soon as I get familiar with the program and comfortable with using it, I'm going to start pumping those bad boys out.  I figure the only thing better than reading my rambling drivel is hearing it!

I also keep seeing that "Garage Band" icon and getting excited.  I have been forcing myself to ignore it because I know the minute I open that thing up, it's going to be all I play with for hours and hours.  I also need to master the iMovie software so I can make my own badass video clips.  Really, the more I think about all the cool new things I can do with this sucker, the more fired-up I'm getting.  I think I can actually start making a real, professional-looking blog now, crazy, right!?

Well, I know this sucks and I just wasted minutes of your life making you read this post, but I'm happy to play with my new toy and more than a little excited for all the things I'll be able to do with it that I couldn't with my old PC.  So, I'm going to cut this post short, with all apologies, so I can go screw around with this bitch and learn how to use all the bells and whistles and I'll be back tomorrow with something deep, substantial and truly worth reading...

Who am I kidding, I'll probably just post a bunch of stupid pictures and lame jokes, maybe a "top 5" list or something, because I know how much you guys love that stuff. (winky face)

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