Monday, January 23, 2012

Republicans, help me understand...

When you claim to be the "family values" party, why do you support a serial adulterer over a guy who has never cheated on his wife and loves his family?

When you claim to defend the "sanctity of marriage", why do you support a man who has cheated on each of his ex-wives with his successive wife and who has been divorced twice, to "protect" marriage from monogamous, committed gay couples?

When you claim to be for "smaller, less intrusive government" why do you support the party that grew government 25% in 8 years over the guy who reduced the size of government by 10% in the last 3 years?

Likewise, why do you support giving the government more power to "intrude" in our personal lives by legislating morality, telling a woman what she can and can't do with her own body and expanding the size and scope of government to grant this new, intrusive power?

Why do you claim to be the party of "lower taxes", to the point that you formed an extremist fringe named after the most famous anti-tax revolt in American history, but you opposed a payroll tax cut for the middle-class?

Also, why do you insist on calling the president a "tax and spend liberal" when our marginal tax rate is the lowest it's ever been and government spending has decreased each of the last 3 years?

Why do you call the guy who killed Bin Laden, along with most of the top Al Qaeda officials, who helped the Libyans overthrow and kill Gadhafi and who has increased military spending to the highest point it's ever been in our nation's history "soft on defense"?

Why were the 8 years of GW Bushs administration a great example of the power of unrestricted capitalism and conservative economic principles at work, but 3 years of Obama continuing almost all of those same policies is a downward spiral into a socialist dystopia?

Why do you think illegal labor is the reason why your good-paying middle-class job got shipped overseas?

In fact, what job of yours, exactly, did an illegal immigrant "take" away?

If lower taxes and less regulations are the two biggest factors that would lead to massive job growth and economic prosperity, then why are we in a recession despite having the lowest tax rate and least regulations in history?

Corporate profits are at an all-time high, why aren't businesses hiring?

Why do you strictly adhere to the part of the bible that says homosexuality is a sin, but you ignore the part that says you should beat a woman who enters church without a hat on?

Why do you ignore the part of the bible that says eating shellfish is a sin?

Why do you ignore the part of the bible that says masturbation is just as sinful as being gay?

Why don't you make your wives and daughters sleep outside the house when they're on their periods?  Also, after her cycle ends, why do you not pray for them and isolate them until they're "clean" again?

Why do you rail against a paranoid fear of Sharia Law being imposed on our country, while advocating the institution of "Bible Law" - the Christian version of Sharia?

Why do you want to destroy unions while lamenting the loss of good-paying, middle-class jobs and the decline of wages and benefits in our country?

Why do you blame teachers, firefighters and police officers for our national budget crises and think we need to get off the backs of Wall St. and the banks?

Why do you support our military as being the "strongest and best in the world" while lamenting the fact government never does anything right?

Why do you drive on roads and expect them to reach all the way to where you're heading, turn on switches and expect lights to come on, pick up a phone and expect a dial tone, call 911 and expect an emergency response, buy food in a store and expect it to be safe to eat, take medicine and expect it to work, turn on the faucet and expect clean water to come out and still insist that government can't do anything right and regulations only hurt the country?

Why is bigger government ok when it's doing the things you agree with, but not ok when it isn't?

Why is blaming Obama for an economic collapse that began 8 years before he took office perfectly reasonable, but blaming Bush for creating that economic collapse, and $10 trillion in debt that Obama is still trying to help get the country to recover from "living in the past" and just making excuses?

Why is it not racism to claim that most blacks in this country are on food stamps, that they have no work ethic and that black children should be employed as janitors in schools to teach them the value of work that they apparently don't get at home, but it is racism to hire a black man for a job that a white guy thinks he was more qualified for?

Why can't you admit that you benefit from the existence of government?

Why can't you admit that you benefit from the existence of regulations?

Why can't you admit that you benefit from the existence of unions?

Why can't you admit that you benefit from a progressive tax code?

Why is trillions of dollars in bailouts, tax loopholes and subsidies "the promotion of free-market capitalism", but billions of dollars for healthcare, social security and food stamps for the poorest Americans "welfare" and "handouts"?

Why is it that when a poor person complains about being exploited by an unfair system that coddles the wealthy, they are just "jealous" of the rich?

Why is it "capitalism" when the wealthy exploit the poor, but "class warfare" when the poor complain about it?

What's the difference between Mitt Romney making millions by dismantling companies and putting Americans out of work and Newt Gingrich making millions to lobby for Fannie and Freddie, while they dismantled the economy and put Americans out of work and their homes?

Why is following the teachings of Jesus Christ - a man who believed in feeding and clothing the poor, giving medicine to the sick and who railed against greed and wealth - "socialism", and following the teachings of Ayn Rand - an atheist who preached egoism, putting your own personal wants over the needs of others, selfishness as a virtue and the "every man for himself" sink-or-swim mentality is considered "Christian values"?

Why is data put out by independent, non-partisan agencies considered "propaganda" but the stuff you hear Rush or Fox News say is indisputable fact?

Why is the far-right response to an alleged "left-wing media bias" considered "fair and balanced"?

Why is a guy who shops at Petsmart and plays a little golf an "elitist", but a guy with a $500,000 Tiffany's account who takes 2-week Mediterranean cruises is "in touch with the common man"?

Why do you fear the "angry black man" but vote for the "angry white man"?

Why do you support smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation and a stronger military - except when the Democratic president proposes all those things, and then you hate them and think they're all part of a diabolical plan to destroy America?

Why are you willing to vote for a guy who is in direct opposition to the fundamental ideologies you claim to support, instead of the guy who has legislated much of those same ideologies, simply because he has an "R" next to his name instead of a "D"?

Why are greed and selfishness a sign of strength and generosity and compassion signs of weakness to you?

Why are you bashing Obama for doing the very same things you praised Bush for?

How can you give Bush all the credit for killing Bin Laden 3 years after he left office but none of the blame for the recession that happened while he was president?

How can you take 30 years of trickle down economics and blame it's failure on the president who was in office before those policies were started (Carter), the president who actually managed to have the only budget surplus in the last 30 years (Clinton) and the guy who took office after yet another bubble-&-bust recession caused by rampant, unchecked market manipulation, subsidized by those very trickle-down economic principles (Obama)?

I have a lot more questions, but this is probably a good place to stop for now.


  1. Why? Because fuck you, that's why.
    - Republicans

  2. Now that's an answer I can understand. ;)

  3. that answer, though, does make total sense. Republicans are "all for themselves and not in this together, screw the little guy."