Monday, March 5, 2012

Ok, Back to Work!

As you may have noticed, I didn't post on Friday.  This is because my wife and I were celebrating our first anniversary of actually being married with a somewhat impromptu trip to Monterey for the weekend.  Though we've been together about 18 years, we finally made it official a year ago and so yeah, no blogging allowed while I'm on vacation, or something like that.  However, being the loyal and dedicated provider of top-notch content that I am, I took some random pics during the trip, screwed with them on my iPhone and I'm now going to post them for the amusement of absolutely no one. 

This VW bus was in the parking lot of our hotel.

I decided to take a pic of the parking meters on the municipal wharf so I picked a pair at random and it just happened to be this particular meter number...

This seagull let me get about 3 feet away from him before he finally flew off.

I was going to totally jump into the water until I saw this sign.

Tide pool at Asilomar Beach. 

Asilomar Beach.

More rocks at Asilomar, I was momentarily caught up in using hue manipulation to make the lichens on the rocks look like blood.

Rock on. (literally?)

Rock Crab.

Heading down the tunnel towards the highway, next stop, Santa Cruz.

Those Italians sure know how to make a sports car.

"Umm, yes, these water pipes are for catnip only."

UC Santa Cruz campus.

Deer @ UC Santa Cruz.

I love the central coast.  The weather is mild, the attitudes are laid back, the food is awesome, the scenery is amazing and it's a 1-tank trip anytime we get a hair up our ass to go.  I predict many more photo blogs of random trips back there in the future.

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