Friday, January 13, 2012

Imogen Lloyd Webber is awesome.

Daughter of Andrew Lloyd Webber and popular fixture on both MSNBC and Fox News, Imogen Lloyd Webber is proof that the conservative media doesn't hold the monopoly on beautiful women with political opinions.  I became a fan of hers from watching her regular guest-rants on Dylan Ratigan's show and the more I watched her, the more her big, semi-crazy eyes pulled me in.  She's a bonafide hottie and she also has a sexy British accent to boot!

What can I say, it's Friday and I want to post pictures of hot liberal pundit girls!

Ok, so she's a little on the skinny side compared to the kinds of girls I usually like, but what she lacks in ghetto thickness she makes up for in great liberal dialog, delivered in a crisp British tone.  I could listen to her talk about income inequality and socioeconomic policy all damn day!

I didn't post this picture for Imogen so much as for the ticker at the bottom.  "Nearly 45% oppose tax hikes for the rich."  Fox News is awesome, their conservative spin is so strong that they actually made a positive out of the fact that far less than half the country supports their coddle-the-rich caste system agenda.  Gotta love that Konservative Kool-Aid!

Back to our regularly-scheduled program!  Look at those eyes.  I mean, sure, they could also be the eyes of the girl who's about to shoot you with your own gun, but you would almost want to thank her for it afterwards.

So, ok, Imogen is an intelligent woman with an accomplished career and a lot of respect and integrity in her industry and I should be going on an on about her credentials and resume and exalt her intellectual achievements instead of her physical beauty, but let's face it, she's a smoking hottie.  I mean, you can stick a supercomputer in a Ferrari, but it's still a Ferrari after all and that's what turns the heads.  Imogen is a progressive's wet dream, beautiful and sexy, but capable of holding a great conversation about politics after you're done shagging her silly.  See what I did there?  I called it "shagging" cuz she's British, I'm so fracking witty...

And that's Imogen Lloyd Webber, she's no Meghan McCain, but she's pretty awesome.

Also, I have to give honorable mention to my second favorite member of the Dylan Ratigan mega panel, Krystal Ball.

She's another liberal commentator who's not afraid to wade into the spooky swamp of Fox News, where, like Imogen, she's mostly portrayed as a poor, misguided, radical liberal socialist, but she looks damn hot while being marginalized!

However, unlike Imogen, Krystal has a bit of controversy in her past that actually helped propel her into the national spotlight and boosted her career.  When she was running for congress, her opponent got ahold of some pictures she took at a Christmas party with her husband when she was 28.  In the pics, her husband is wearing a red dildo on his nose and, well, see for yourself...

In addition to leading him around on a leash, there are also pics of her and a female friend taking turns "blowing" the fake penis nose.  These pictures were supposed to ruin her career, but instead they vaulted her into the spotlight and helped her launch a new and more successful run as a political strategist and commentator.  Apparently, seeing a hot girl do sexy things with fake genitalia is a positive, who could have predicted that? (that was sarcasm)

Those are some sexy legs.  Krystal almost looks like she would be the kind of girl who would be too serious and uptight to be a good time, but then you see those party pics and you realize she's just really good at hiding her wild side when she has to.  That's the best kind of girl, right there!

And there you go, two good reasons to watch more MSNBC and maybe even some Red Eye over on Fox, as long as you mute the sound so you don't have to hear the inane banter between the hosts.  Happy Friday the 13th!

Oh, extra note, I may or may not post anything on Monday.  I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed and I will likely be all jacked up on pain killers and in no mood to try and think of anything remotely interesting to blog about, so we'll see what happens.  My apologies to all 3 of you who read this blog daily and would actually care whether I post or not. ;)


  1. I think you should post while blasted on pain killer pills myself. But I'm just one out of three.

  2. Be careful what you wish for, #1. ;)

  3. She's not the granddaughter of Andrew Lloyd Webber. She's his daughter.

  4. Dave: "Nearly 45% oppose tax hikes for the rich." Yes you can argue there is a spin there, and I see your point from your perspective. However, the statement is still up for interpretation and is by no means "spin" just because it can be interpreted as such. You are viewing it as though Fox is trying to get that number up to half or more of the population by inserting the word nearly. This ticker statement does not have to be about majority vs minority voters, and whatever the simple majority wants is right. You apparently believe that simple majority makes right. One can argue that it is pointing out that even though the rich are a very small percentage of the population, there is a significant amount of non-rich people that oppose tax hikes for the rich. From that perspective, I look at the "Nearly" part as them rounding up the number from 44 point whatever percent. You look at it as major spin.

    Regardless to say, you are the one that is spinning things much more than Fox is with that ticker. "Fox News is awesome, their conservative spin is so strong that they actually made a positive out of the fact that far less than half the country supports their coddle-the-rich caste system agenda. Gotta love that Konservative Kool-Aid!" 45% is not "far less than half". That is actually close to half. You are also under the assumption that the remainder (55%) must be in favor of it. Your assumption is wrong because with all polls, there are undecided/no opinion answers. If for example 10% are undecided, then you have 45%-45% making things even. Why don't you have some objective analysis with things you disagree with? Because you, like pretty much everybody, put a spin on almost anything that cannot be proven as fact. Every news outlet has a bias, so don't act like Fox News has a monopoly on it. If you honestly believe that CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and most newspapers do not have a liberal bias, then you need to stop drinking the Liberal Kool-Aid.

    And yes Imogen is very hot. You should actually watch Red Eye when she is on.

  5. Imogen is like a semi-regular on FOX News' Red Eye. And no, they are not portrayed as poor, misguided radical women on FNC... well maybe on Hannity (I can't stand Hannity sometimes).

    She was a guest on O'Reilly earlier this year and it was a nice exchange, and like I said, she's on Red Eye.

    She's probably more on FOX News nowadays than MSNBC.