Thursday, January 26, 2012

The sexiest parts of a woman.

In case you were wondering, these are the sexiest parts of the female body that aren't her butt or boobs.

The Neck

Thank you to the lovely Reese Witherspoon for modeling this particular sexy part of a woman - the neck. Specifically, the area of the neck just below the ear.  Basically, where Reese's earring is dangling is pointing right at the magic spot.  Most girls will go crazy if you kiss them there and this is a good thing because kissing a girl on this part of her neck is awesome.  You know you're doing it right when she just sort of goes limp in your arms and presses herself against you.

The Stomach

The stomach, like the neck, is another spot on a woman where a little investment of time can pay huge dividends.  This whole area is sexy, from the abs to the navel.  Whether you're moving up or down her body, it's always worth it to spend some time in this area before moving to your final destination.  Also, moving down from this area brings us to one of my personal absolute favorite parts of a woman's body...

This part right here!

I'm not sure exactly what it's called, but that area right there, the part where the pelvic bone creates a little groove from the hips to the groin, the "magic triangle" if you will.  This is one of my favorite parts of a woman's body that isn't her butt or boobs.  When I see a girl wearing low-rise pants with that area sticking out, it's just ridiculously sexy.

Back Dimples

Pretty self-explanatory.  The last stop of PG sexiness before ass crack station.  Probably tied with the pelvic/hip blade area up there as my favorite parts of a woman's body that can be shown in public without violating any decency laws.  Back dimples are ridiculous, so freaking sexy and with the right "tramp stamp", the hotness is off the charts.  Yes, I know tramp stamps are way overdone and most of them are hideous, but a cute, tasteful little bit of ink between the dimples is smoking hot in my humble opinion.

The ankle

Looking for a good picture of a woman's ankle pointed out my biggest complaint with women and their ankles - too many women slap ugly-ass tattoos on their ankles and ruin them!  Now, I'm a big fan of ink on a lady, so the idea of ankle tattoos by itself isn't bad to me at all and, in fact, a good ankle tattoo only highlights this sexy and under appreciated part of a woman's body.  However, most of the time the tattoo is terrible, gaudy, poorly-done and it only detracts from this erogenous zone.  I would say that a good rule of thumb is, if you don't have an absolutely fantastic idea for an ankle tat that's sexy and tasteful and an amazing tattoo artist to do it perfectly, then don't get one.  In fact, even if you do have an absolutely fantastic idea and a great artist, you probably still shouldn't do it because you most likely don't really have a great idea and it will end up looking like you got jumped into a gang or something.

Between the shoulders

That area between the shoulder blades, it's pretty sexy.  In the same kind of way that the pelvic blade area is, it's like a sexy little groove on a woman's body that sort of channels your attention and lets it flow either upstream to the neck or downstream to the lower back.  When giving a woman a back rub, this is one of the areas you linger on, unless you're one of those horny-ass dudes who spends the whole back rub working her sides so you can slip a hand around and grab her boobs or rubbing her lower back, lower... lower... until she either moves your hand back up or your now officially massaging her butt.  Slow down, Romeo, take some time to work the back, act like you've been here before!

The Feet

I'm not really a "foot guy".  Feet are a pretty common fetish for guys and I don't really have a fetish-level attraction to a woman's foot, but I do appreciate a girl with particularly cute feet.  I prefer ankles to feet, but if I'm going to be paying attention to the ankles, the feet are just right there next door and it helps when the next door neighbor isn't a crusty, bunion-riddled mess of dry skin and toe jam.  I will say that the bottom of a woman's foot is kind of sexy, especially kissing the bottom of her foot and especially when in the most common position that would allow you easy access to kissing the bottom of a woman's foot.

The eyes

A woman's eyes can be the sexiest thing on her body or the scariest.  They can convey irrepressible desire or un-restrainable anger.  They can be demure and alluring or wild and aggressive.  They can put you at ease in an instant or keep you on edge all night long.  I love a woman's eyes.  I think that nice eyes are as important on a girl as any other physical attribute and many a girl who wouldn't be considered attractive in a classical sense can still be cute if she has nice eyes.  Also, I'm not a fan of girls who wear a lot of makeup, I go for girls who are natural normally, but I do like good makeup work on the eyes.  Good eye makeup highlights beautiful eyes and makes them like magnets that pull your soul out of your body and into hers, where hopefully she will treat it gently.

So there you go.  A list of the sexiest parts of a woman's body that aren't her butt or boobs.  You're free to disagree with my list, but you will be wrong.

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