Friday, February 25, 2011

Anti-abortionists are hypocrites

Ok, so that's not exactly a shocking revelation or anything, but be that as it may, the overwhelming majority of anti-abortion demonstrators are complete and total hypocrites.  I say this because they sit/stand/lie down in front of abortion clinics and physically prevent scared, mostly young women from exercising their constitutionally protected freedom of choice under the auspices of saving human lives.  They are on a mission from God to do any and everything they can to stop the taking of life.  They hold human life so precious, that they will block, intimidate, and terrify women away from these clinics, and some even go so far as to vandalize the clinics, physically assault the doctors and staff, and we all see the news reports whenever one of these nutjobs decides that killing an abortion doctor is somehow not the same sin that killing an unborn fetus is.

So, why are they hypocrites?  Well, obviously not all anti-abortion protestors are killing doctors, so they aren't all at that level of twisted, hypocritical ideology, but all anti-abortionists have a one-track mind when it comes to defending human life.  If their mandate from God is to do everything they can to prevent the taking of human life, then why aren't they forming human barricades around gun shops or liquor stores?  Why aren't they throwing themselves in front of gang members?  Why aren't they holding hands and singing hymns around military bases, or fighting to get our troops pulled out of harms way?  Why aren't Operation Rescue zealots shooting men who murder their wives or kill children?  How about throwing some molotov cocktails through the windows of maximum security prisons?  Surely that would do more to curb the population of killers in this country. 

Number of abortions performed each day in the US: 3700

Number of people who die each day from unnatural causes: 6720

Nearly twice as many human lives are lost in this country every day for a preventable reason other than abortion.  Apparently, God only cares about unborn lives, because I don't see any Christian fanatics screaming in the streets to stop gun violence, drunk driving, cigarrette and alcohol sales, domestic violence, child abuse or any of the other contributing factors to BORN human deaths.  Just once I would like to see a rabid crowd of hymn-chanting Christian soldiers form a human barricade around a crack house or the home of a convicted drunk driver or a man who beat his wife into a coma, just once I would like to see firebombs and "righteous justice" being handed out at a supermax prison full of rapists and murderers, just once I would like to see a self-appointed holy avenger empty his revolver into the chest of an acquitted murderer instead of a doctor, performing a legal procedure on a consenting adult.  Come on anti-abortionists, stop being fucking pussies and go after people who might actually fight back for once.

Here's another statistic.  Only 17% of all counties in the US have facilities that provide abortions.  40 years after Roe v. Wade, 83% of the counties in this country don't even offer abortion services to women who want or need them.  And now, the GOP is voting to cut all federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which is often the only place in those 17% of counties that offers abortion services, and for many teens and low-income women is the only source of contraception and education for both preventing unwanted pregnancies as well as the spread of STDs.  How ironic that the party who is so opposed to abortions is at the same time voting to make cuts that will ultimately increase the rate of unwanted pregnancies.  If you're against abortion, then you should be for contraception, you should be for educating teens about birth control, you should be for PLANNED Parenthood.  Where are these jobs you promised to bring us, Republicans?  Where is the economic recovery you were elected into office to bring?  Where is the success where the Democrats failed that you ran, and won on?  Nobody elected you to take away the rights of women, nobody elected you to push your misguided evangelical agenda.  If you really want to save lives, get our soldiers the fuck out of the middle east. 


  1. beautiful. love the way you frame it. love the way you express it. rock on, brother.

  2. Very good argument!