Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Saturday it's Saturday, the heat might smother you!

So, ok, it's not hot at all outside, but I woke up with that song lyric in my head, and since it's Saturday and I shouldn't be putting so much effort into stuff like working on my blog or thinking real hard about being creative when I could be smoking a doob and watching bad movies on Netflix, I'm going to go lazy mode on yo ass and leave you with this little treat from the early 90's that pretty much sums up exactly how I feel today, where my mindset is at and I dunno, maybe it will make you move your booty involuntarily at some point during the day when a random lyric pops into your head, like "Braniac dum-dum, bust the scientifical!"  Note, I said involuntarily move your booty, not your bowels, cuz that would be gross.

For your consideration, Masta Ace Inc.  "Born to Roll"...

You can't stop the power of the bass in your eye...


  1. "Brainiac dum dum, bust the scientifical" I remember that being The Goat's catch phrase for what seemed like a year. I do believe one of the dudes in the video posted above was wearing a #35 Neal Anderson Bears jersey, cicra late eighties-early nineties.

  2. I knew you would notice that, and know exactly who's number it was, because really who knows more about da Bearssss than you anyway?

  3. In other news I watched Bell biv devoe reunite and do "poison" with the roots on Jimmy Fallon a few days back. It was... kinda hard to watch.

  4. That was kind of hard to watch in 1992... ;)