Monday, February 27, 2012

Bike Ride Time!

Yes, the trail was calling me again today.  When I can't stop thinking about going for a bike ride long enough to write something, then it's time to dust off my trusty iPhone photo app and take some more pictures as I go for a ride to the park and back.

So, I jumped on my cheap ass Schwinn and headed out!  Oh, and I had to have some mood music too...

I thought it was going to rain me out and bring my ride to an abrupt end...

The forecast called for rain to start about the time I would have been halfway finished with my ride, so I was expecting to come home wet.

Fortunately, though, it not only didn't rain, the weather actually got nicer as I rode.  The sun eventually broke out and warmed things up a bit by the end.

Spring is on its way, the blooms are popping up and even the weeds are starting to look pretty again.

Hue manipulation makes them look even prettier. 

The beaver has moved on to a new project...

Got to the bridge, about 3 miles from home, that's a good place to turn around and head back.

Wub Wub Wub...

I never noticed this shanty before, built against the brush on the other side of the creek near that bridge.  I was making so much noise crackling on the dried leaves as I walked close enough to get a good picture of it that I thought some crazy homeless guy was going to come running out throwing feral cats and urine bottles at me, but I got lucky.

I thought this tree looked kinda cool, all white and sans bark.

Girl #1: "That's bad music you're listening to."
Girl #2: "I like it!"

Just a couple old chairs and a clean, sharp knife, no big deal...

The blossoms look awesome.  I need to take some pics of the ones along Bear Creek next time I go for my long ride across town.  Ha, I said "blossoms look awesome".

There's a strand of rope lights along the top of this fence that is lit up every night, it's pretty cool looking and very helpful for nighttime riding, considering how dark this section usually is.

Almost home!

It's like two forms of entertainment in one, because you get not just the music, but the funny looks on people's faces when they get close enough to hear it.

So, I didn't find an empty weed bag this time, but I found this instead.


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