Monday, June 4, 2012

I need to try bath salts.

No, not those kind...

There we go.

I dunno, call me sentimental, but I long for a warm, sunny, summer day, a gentle breeze blowing through my hair, a cool drink in my hand and a homeless dude's face between my teeth.

I have to be honest, I don't think bath salts or any other drug caused Rudy Eugene to attack Ronald Poppo and eat 75% of his face off.  I've been pretty high before on a myriad of fucked up chemicals and I've never had an urge to attempt forced cannibalism on a live victim.

I'm not saying dude wasn't fucked up or high, I'm sure he was both, but I don't think a drug made him do this.  A drug may have altered his perception or blurred the boundaries a bit, but it doesn't create an urge to do something this over the top unless those thoughts and feelings were already there, somewhere in the back of his mind.  Maybe those thoughts weren't even all that deeply contained.  For all we know, Mr. Eugene would have done this stone cold sober, and until I see the toxicology report, I'm not jumping on the bandwagon of blaming a legal drug for criminally insane behavior.

It's this kind of over sensationalized media hype that causes knee-jerk reactions that always end up with the loss of our freedoms. Is being able to buy bath salts or salvia or fourloco or any other legal drug/drink that has come under fire and either been banned, reformulated or restricted as important of a right as freedom of speech or religion?  No, but freedoms are still freedoms, even if it's the freedom to mess yourself up on some strange synthetic chemical compound and fuck your life up.

I know people who have used bath salts, I know people who have been high on every drug there is.  I personally have done plenty of LSD and Psilocybin and not once have I ever felt - or met someone else who felt - an urge to commit an act like the "Zombie attack" in Miami.  I think the authorities and media are blaming the wrong culprit in this attack.  Rudy Eugene committed this crime, not bath salts.  What ever happened to blaming someone for their own actions?

Seriously though, I need to get ahold of some bath salts, hook me up.


  1. Good luck with that! U will have to order off line & if ur lucky they will ship it to the state your in. Lots of states are already banned from even receiving it. If you haven't tried bs yet then u don't no what ur missing so just remember " don't start none & they wont b none!"

  2. which dude ate that mans face off


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