Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Done (Just a little side note)

After much reflection and soul-searching, I have made the
Painful decision to discontinue my blog.  It just struck me that my growing bias against
Republicans is really starting to take a toll on me and make me really cynical and
Irritable.  Granted, I know I talked about a lot of subjects other than politics
Like the posts I made about punk rock or Boogie Nights, but regardless, I'm spent.

Fortunately, I will still be around on Facebook and
Other social media sites, so people can stay in touch with me and hear all the
Outrageous and inappropriate stuff I have to say.  I would sincerely
Like to thank all my friends and followers who have given me their
Support these past few weeks.  Until we meet again...

Gingrich in 2012


  1. more like GINGRICH/PALIN 2010 amirite

  2. I like how every line is capitalized.

  3. I like how every line is capitalized too. ;)

  4. bwahahahahaha you are a gem, mr. f!

  5. So, would I be wrong to think there's an April Fools joke in this?

  6. The word for the day is "acrostics," Jenny. ;)