Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Resolution #3: Get a new drum kit!

So, yeah, that would be my dream choice, right there.  A DW custom series, made with exotic wood shells and covered with a sweet-ass finish.  Of course, if I had the cash to buy this glorious bastard, I could replace my 14-year old car with something at least 10 years newer, but nonetheless, DW is probably my favorite drum brand ever and this is a great example of why.  There are other brands I like a lot too, though...

Here's another kit I can't afford.  Pork Pie makes amazing sounding kits, including one of the best sounding snare drums I've ever heard.  I first became aware of these guys thanks to Tim "Herb" Alexander, the drummer from Primus.  He was the first drummer I knew of to be sponsored by Pork Pie and he had a very distinctive and awesome drum sound.  Pork Pie also makes some pretty cool drum thrones.  I used to have one, but it grew legs and ran off.

Ddrum is another brand I'm digging on right now.  They have always been famous for their electronic drum kits and triggers, but they've started making a lot of noise recently with their new acoustic kits.  I like the look of these sets a lot, from the styling to the finishes and compared to DW and Pork Pie, Ddrum kits are fairly affordable.  Out of the three brands I've listed so far, this is the kit that I could actually afford without winning the lottery or otherwise stumbling upon a small fortune.

However, at the end of the day, I will probably go with a decent-sounding, good quality, affordable drum brand and save the rest of the money to buy a vehicle that actually has room to haul said kit around in.  Something like...

I like this set a lot.  It's incredibly affordable, looks great and all it needs is one more, larger floor tom and it would be perfect.  As it is, it's still pretty sweet.  Mapex makes good kits, they sound great and they aren't ridiculously priced.  This kit is at Guitar Center right now for about $550, which is a steal.  Yeah, this will probably be the kit I end up getting myself in the new year, unless I find an insane, once in a lifetime deal on one of the above listed sets.

I've been really getting the itch to start playing again and one of my resolutions for 2012 is to make it happen by building a new kit from the ground up.  Now, all I need is about a million more hits per day on my blog, or some generous fan to donate a couple grand to me and I can light this firecracker!

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