Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Cars

I'm a car guy.  I love cars.  If I had Mega Millions jackpot money, these are the cars I would own.

The Lamborghini Reventon
The Lamborghini Reventon is the most expensive production Lamborghini to date and for a company that makes some of the most expensive production cars in the world, that's saying something.  I'm pretty much a fan of every Lambo ever produced, but because of its completely over-the-top nature, the Reventon would be my top pick from the angry bull company if I had ridiculous, Mitt Romney money.

Lamborghini Countach

The Countach would be my "retro" Lambo pick.  This was the car that first made me wish I could own a Lamborghini and it still looks as awesome and impressive today as when I first saw it.  

Ferrari 458
Ferrari is without question my favorite car maker.  Like the Lamborghini, I am a fan of basically every Ferrari ever made.  In particular, I'm a big fan of the "smaller" Ferraris, like the 458, much like it's earlier predecessors, the 328, 348 and 360.  While I definitely dig the Testarossa, the 512, the F-50 and so on, the 458 is just more practical for driving around all the time, which I would definitely do if I owned a Ferrari.  This would be my "run down to the store" car, which is completely ridiculous, but if I'm super rich, who cares?

Ferrari California
The Ferrari California would be the one I rolled out when the weather was nice.  That's one damn sexy convertible.

The Ferrari California Spyder
I have two retro Ferrari favorites and the first is the classic California Spyder.  Yes, the same car that Ferris Bueller stole from Cameron's dad and drove all over the streets of Chicago.  It's a beautiful car and a testament to the timeless beauty of the Ferrari line.  I would only take this car out on very special occasions, but to let a work of art like this just sit in a garage is criminal.

Ferrari Daytona
My second retro Ferrari pick is, of course, the Daytona.  This is one of the rarest and most expensive Ferraris in existence.  Unlike the California, I don't think I could drive this one around very much, mainly just because of how rare and valuable it is.  If I so much as got a scratch on this thing I would want to shoot myself.  I would definitely truck it into concours events though, just to make all the Ferrari lovers shit their pants with envy.

Porsche Carrera GT
If I'm going to get a Porsche, I'm going to get a bad ass Porsche.

Porsche 928 S4
This is kind of a random Porsche pick, but I've always liked the 928.  I'd roll this bad boy like an 80's coke dealer.

Spyker C8
It's like a cross between an Aston Martin and a bunch of extra pieces from a Star Wars model.  It's a fairly uncommon car, even for super cars, which is cool, but I don't care so much about having a rare car that not everyone knows about.  Still though, the Spyker is an impressive and unique car and it looks kick ass with the top down.  Speaking of Aston Martin though...

The Aston Martin Vanquish
This car is sick.  Aston Martin makes some amazing cars that sort of walk the line between aggressive, high-performance intimidation and classic, refined British style and class.  The Vanquish would be the car I rolled out when the 458 was getting the oil changed or ashtrays emptied or whatever.

Bugatti Veyron
Even though they've become the official overhyped car of super rich douchebags who want to show off their opulence by buying a car they will never, ever get anywhere near the full performance out of, the Veyron is still a sexy beast.  Of course, I would never try to open up one of these bad boys on the open road either, because wrapping a million bucks around a tree isn't my idea of a fun Saturday, but I sure as hell wouldn't just tool it around Miami beach in 2nd gear all day either.

McLaren F1
Speaking of million dollar super cars, the McLaren F1 would be another demon that I would sacrifice a thousand thousands to summon.  

Corvette Stingray Concept
Not built yet, but if it was and I had Goldman Sachs executive bonus cash, this would be in my harem.  I have sung the praises of my favorite American-made production super car in a previous blog post, because the Corvette is an American classic.  Going back to the stingray curves is a brilliant styling move, in my opinion.

1957 Corvette
Of course, if I'm collecting cars rich, then no collection would be complete without a classic '57 'vette.

Stingray split-window fastback
My personal favorite classic Corvette ever.  That split window is sicker than hell.

The Acura NSX concept
Another concept car I can't wait to see on the street.  I know most fans of Japanese auto performance are all about the Nissan Skyline, but I like the NSX.  The new concept looks incredible and I would totally own one if I had "I invented Facebook" money.  Hell, even if I had "I claimed to be the real Facebook inventor and got a settlement" money I'd get one.

Lotus Esprit
I've always dug this car.  It's more subdued in appearance than a Ferrari, but it's still sleek and sexy.  I wish Lotus would stop messing around with toy car crap like the Elise and go back to making cars like the Esprit again.

Maserati Gran Turismo
Yet another Italian super car.  What can I say, the Italians know how to make irresistibly sexy cars that burn up the road.  It looks a lot like the Ferrari California, but with a little bit of conservative refinement.  That front end is hot.

The Audi R8
I love Audis.  I would love to own an A6 or A8.  If I had Tony Stark money though, I'd own the Audi Tony Stark drove, the R8.  Those headlights are just ridiculous.

The Mercedes SLS
I love this car.  It's the perfect modern version of the classic 300SL gullwing.  The lines on this car are something I didn't think I'd ever see on a modern Mercedes, it's just a beautiful automobile. 

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing
With hedge fund manager dinero in the bank, I'd have to add the 300SL to my collection.  Like the Ferrari Daytona, this one wouldn't see much driving because I wouldn't want to put a single blemish on it.  I sure would have a sweet ass mini auto museum at my compound though.

Because I would need a daily driver, so why not get a great one?

The Dodge Challenger
Because I would mod the hell out of this bitch and put like 800hp under the hood and 2000 watts in the trunk.

Dodge Viper RT
I mean, if I'm going to be at the Dodge dealer anyway, I may as well pick one of these up too.

Plymouth Superbird
Completing the Chrysler motors trifecta.  I would get this one just to make my friend Shawn vomit with envy.

1969 Camaro SS
My favorite Camaro.

De Tomaso Pantera
But, I would never play Pantera on the stereo, just to be ironic.

Rolls Royce Phantom 
Because if you're media mogul rich, you pretty much gotta own a Rolls and the Phantom looks dirty as a box of cat turds.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
One of my favorite classic luxury cars.  When I wanted to roll around limo style, this would be the bastard I did it in.  Also, of course I would pull up next to someone and ask for Grey Poupon, I don't care how played out that joke is, if you're rolling in a Silver Cloud, you gots ta do it.

The Tesla Roadster
Because no ridiculous super car collection is complete without an electric sports car that hauls balls up and down the block.  Although, something tells me my wife would be driving this one more than me.

So yeah, these are the cars I would buy if I had Warren Buffet cheddar.  There are a lot more I would own, as I worked my way towards building a Jay Leno-esque collection, but these are some of my favorites as of this moment.

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  1. Ohhh! Your taste in cars is definitely good. The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and the Plymouth SuperBird are my favorites in your collection. Besides that, I thought I also saw Lightning McQueen in your collection! Haha!